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Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation Center

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Cerebellar deep brain stimulation for severe combined movement disorders and spasticity in children and young adults with cerebral palsy
Principal Investigator: Marta San Luciano, MD
Study Contact: Allisun Wiltshire, [email protected]

P50 Clinical Research Center: Deep Brain Stimulation in Laryngeal Dystonia and Voice Tremor
Principal Investigator: Ian Bledsoe, MD
Study Contact: Eda Yilmaz, [email protected]

Closed Loop Deep Brain Stimulation in Dystonia (Summit RC+S)
Principal Investigator: Philip Starr, MD, PhD
Study Contact: Amelia Hahn, [email protected]

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Retrospective Outcomes Study
Principal Investigator: Jill.Ostrem, MD
Study Contact: Sarah Wang, PhD, [email protected]

Parkinson’s Spectrum Cohort Study
Study Contact: Kevin Lieu, [email protected]

Validation of a Video-Based Kinematics Algorithm Using Dystonia Severity Rating Scales
Principal Investigator: Marta San Luciano, MD

Predictors of Outcomes in DBS for Isolated Dystonia
Principal Investigator: Marta San Luciano, MD