Our Neurologists

At Mission Bay Campus
(Weill Institute for Neurosciences)

Jill Ostrem, MD (Professor of Neurology, Division Chief MDNC)
Ian Bledsoe, MD (Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology, Associate Medical Director)
Ethan Brown, MD (Assistant Professor of Neurology, Fellowship Co-Director)
Cameron Dietiker, MD (Assistant Professor of Neurology)
Nicholas Galifianakis, MD, MPH (Associate Professor of Neurology)
Simon Little, MBBS, PhD (Assistant Professor of Neurology)
Nijee Luthra MD, PhD (Assistant Professor of Neurology)
James Maas, MD, PhD (Assistant Professor of Neurology)
Ken Nakamura, MD, PhD (Professor in Residence of Neurology)
Marta San Luciano, MD, MS (UCSF Pediatric Neuromodulation Medical Director)
Tamara Stiep, MD (Assistant Professor of Neurology)
Caroline Tanner, MD, PhD (Professor of Neurology)
Rafael Zuzuárregui, MD (Assistant Professor of Neurology, Director SFVA PADRECC, Fellowship Co-Director)

At Parnassus Campus
Chadwick Christine, MD (Professor of Neurology)

UCSF Movement Disorders Neurologists in Other Divisions
Michael Aminoff, MD, DSc (Professor of Neurology)
Adam Boxer, MD, PhD (Professor of Neurology)
Robert Edwards, MD, PhD (Professor of Neurology)
Michael Geschwind, MD, PhD, (Professor of Neurology)
Alexandra Nelson, MD, PhD (Associate Professor of Neurology)

Our Fellows
Meredith Bock, MD (Class of 2023)
Lauren Hammer, MD, PhD (Class of 2023)
Andrea Fuentes, MD (Class of 2023)
Hengameh Zahed Kargaran, MD, PhD (Class of 2023)
Phuong Hoang (Class of 2024)
Jessica Ng (Class of 2024)