Research Team

Research Managers
Sarah Wang, PhD, CCRP (Director of Operations and Clinical Research)
Kathleen Comyns, MPH (Specialist and Research Scientist)
Aaron Daley, MA (PD Research and Outreach Coordinator)
Farah Kausar, PhD (Specialist and Research Manager)
Monica Korell, MPH (Specialist and Research Scientist)
Cheryl Meng, MPH (Specialist and Research Scientist)

Other Research Staff
Jannine Balakid (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Corinna Conroy (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Brittany Contreras (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Amelia Hahn (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Jaime Heller (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Betsy Hulme (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Hannah McCarthy Potter (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Ananth Mahes (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Jacque Perkins, MPH (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Primi Ranola, MA (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Lynn Racelo (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Shravanan Ravi (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Julia Sun (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Julien Valverde Twiggs (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Eda Yilmaz (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Jennifer Zhu (Clinical Research Coordinator)
Maria Shcherbakova (Software Engineer)
Alexis Giff (Junior Specialist)

Postdoctoral Scholars
Colin Hoy, PhD (Simon Little Lab)
Fahim Anjum, PhD (Simon Little Lab)
Lauren Hammer, MD, PhD (Philip Starr Lab)
Stephanie Cernera, PhD (Philip Starr Lab)
Carina Oehrn, MD, PhD (Philip Starr Lab)
Stephanie Sandoval-Pistorius, PhD (Philip Starr Lab)
Hamid Fekri Azgomi, PhD (Doris Wang Lab)
Ken Louie, PhD (Doris Wang Lab)

Graduate Students
Clay Smyth (PhD Student, Philip Starr Lab and Simon LIttle Lab)
Daryl Lawrence (PhD Student, Philip Starr Lab and Simon LIttle Lab)
Maria Olaru (PhD Student, Philip Starr Lab)
Kara Presbrey (PhD Student, Doris Wang Lab)
Jessica Bath, DPT, PT (PhD Student, Doris Wang Lab) 
PS Nandini (PhD Student, Simon LIttle Lab)

Outside Collaborators
Rodrigo Fernandez, MD, PhD (Visit Scholar, University of Chile)
Pria Daniel (PhD Student, UC San Diego)
John Strat Tolmie (Student Intern, Harvard University)
Allisun Wiltshire (Student Intern, UC Berkeley)

Christina Merrick, PhD (Postdoc, Simon Little Lab)
Tanner Dixon, PhD (Postdoc, Simon Little Lab)